Freebay - It's like eBay only free

WTF is Freebay?!

Freebay is a mobile location based service that serves as an easy and intuitive platform for giving and receiving second hand goods: Couch, Fridge, your high school prom dress, your dad's old vinyl records - anything goes. If you're giving it for free, chances are somebody wants it... 

Big Whoop...Who needs it? 

Basically, Anyone.
Say you bought a new couch and you want to toss your old raggedy yet super-comfortable couch out on the street. Why not give it away? simply log on to Freebay, add a new item, take a photo and click submit. Freebay will automatically compute the item's location and let everyone know it's out there - endless Karma points for you. 

Or, if you're too lazy to carry your couch outside, just upload an "indoor item" and your phone will be ringing off the hook with people interested in a couch.

You can also use Freebay to search for free stuff you might want and that are near by. if you want something for free, Freebay is your answer. We've got it all...

Cool! What else?

Freebay helps you find the items you want, even when you're not logged in to the application! just add a Smart Agent specifying the stuff you're interested in, and Freebay will send automatic notifications to your phone on new items or items that are near you when you're walking the streets. it's just that simple!

I Want it! Where is it?! Gimmie!

Simply click on the download tab to get the latest version of Freebay.